Monday, 10 May 2010

An Apology

Dear blog world

I've not broken up with oyou, and you've not done anything to upset me.  This really has been a case "its not you, its me"...


I've not forgotten about my little blog here, in fact I've been feeling guilty for not updating as regular as I'd like.  But those who know me know why I've been preoccupied.  

This blog is not a blog about anything other than my quest to conquer Kilimanjaro, and I'm more determined than ever to do it in light of recent events.   Everything with me is fine, that I can promise you.  I'm stronger than I thought and I'm seeing this through.

When I'm able to I'll blog about whats been going on the past couple of weeks, most of it good - but right now everything has to be kept quiet :o)  The walls have ears...

I'll try to keep you updated more often, I promise.


Kmac xxx

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