Friday, 26 February 2010

Motivation - or lack of it..

Date:  26 Feb 2010
Weather: Bleak, grey and yuck
Shoes: Silver wellies to get to work and then black biker boots (again)!

How do you stay motivated?
Right now I'm suffering badly from lack of motivation again.  I've not noticed a change in my strength, my shape or my stamina and I'm starting to feel a bit deflated.  I've only managed 4 sessions in the gym this week, and really if you were to grade them I'd get 60% for effort...

So, my lovely bloggies, how do you stay motivated?  All tips/ass kicking welcome... 

On another note, the fundraising for Kilimanjaro is coming along nicely.  We have a raffle on the go just now which is going to be drawn on the 15th of March, got some amazing prizes like holiday vouchers and personal training sessions and personal chefs.... so if you want a ticket let me know!! £6 each or 2 for £10.

I'm very excited for my friend Fudgy.. shes starting her 12 week 1/2 marathon training plan next week.  Its all flying in so quickly and I cant wait to check her progress as the weeks go on.  Maybe I should get the Fudge to kick my butt???

Also, on the same day as the 1/2 marathon is the full Edinburgh Marathon which my best friend's fiance is running.  She is due to marry him about a week after the race, so fingers crossed and prayers that he doesnt get injured!!  I suspect that weekend will be a busy one here in Edinburgh.

Just over a month to go until the big house move..... anyone want any of my stuff?!?!?  I'm starting to notice I have so much stuff that its worrying me.... however I feel a cull of clothes is required and possibly even getting some books out to charity shops etc.   My shoes though, stay with me.  Nobody is making me part with my babies!

Hope all is well with everyone and untill next time!

Kmac xxx

Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Snow again!

Date:  24th Feb 2010
Weather:  SNOW! 
Fotowear:  Silver glitter wellies and black cowboy boots (to wear in the office)

Well its back to another midweek post by Kmac because shes been naughty and not updated since last Thursday!!    Its been a busy few days for me and here is just a wee highlight...

Friday was a work day for me, but because I was due to be off on Monday I had 2 days work to do in 1 day!!  After work I headed up to Radio Lollipop and helped present the show with the Friday night team.   My time at Radio Lollipop is really special to me because I love it so much.   The fact that I go into the sick kids hospital, go around the wards and play with the kids is just so much fun.  I can forget everything that has been stressing me out during the day, and just have fun.  Seeing the kids in the hospital really does put things into perspective for you.

Saturday I was training with Andy.  Hard work but felt great afterwards.   I really enjoy my training sessions, I'm a gym junkie but sometimes you do need that kick up the backside to keep going and thats what Andy does.  Kicks my butt and makes me hurt in places I didn't know I could!!  

Sat night was a night out with some girlfriends.  Myself, Sheryl and Holly all hit the town with one intention:  To have fun!! And we certainly managed that.  I suspect these nights out will become a regular thing.  Although I did fall off the healthy wagon slightly, I usally drink vodka and soda which if you are going to drink is a healthy(ish) option.  I went for champange cocktails and crazy flavoured vodka shots so my body was going into sugar overdrive!!   I managed to remember to drink water so the next day I didnt feel too unwell... although I did have to drop my wee car off at car hospital.

Chloe my little corsa has been poorly recently so I took her to the car hospital to get looked at.   She was due an MOT so that got done as well.  But because of the cold weather we've had since about October time she's taken a bit of a beating.... and alot of damage has been caused because of the snow/ice/rain.   To the tune of £700!!!! 

But I paid the money and got Chloe back, I love my wee girl and she is running well now.  Means I can get from A to B a bit easier now plus it'll make the flat move much simpler!!!

Sunday was a lvoely relaxing day, did some shopping and watched some dvds and generally just was a lazy so and so and was spoiled with cups of tea and juice all day long :o) I'm a lucky girl.

And that was the weekend.  Monday saw the shower in our existing flat get fixed because its been broken for some time and then I was back to Radio Lollipop.

All in all been hectic, but fun.   And in between those times I'd managed to pack in a couple of hours in the gym between training and then I did some cardio work on Monday also.

How has everyone else been?  Hope you've all had really good weekends and here is to a happy wednesday!

Thursday, 18 February 2010

A wee surprise for a Thursday morning

Date:  18 Feb 2010
Weather:  Dark and drizzly
Shoes:  Black fold down biker boots - Tres pretty

I arrived in to work this morning to find a wee Fudgey package on my desk...  The most amazing lunch a girl could ask for especially on her rest day from the gym.. 

Fudgey gave me a portion of sweet and sour chicken (home made!) with 2 of her yummy home made oatcakes and a wee slice of low fat cheese.  Accompanied by 10g of cacao nibs,  a wee bag of Goji berries, a small bag of seed mix and also a ceral bar. 


Fudgey often gives me healthy food parcels and leaves them on my desk.  I remember to start with I thought there were food elves in my office :o) Mr Fudgey gets a lunch everyday which often instills lunch envy between his colleagues, and everytime I get a wee Fudgey surprise my desk mates get jealous!

I told you I have the best friends ever. 

This is my rest day from the gym, and after my exciting day yesterday I certainly need a wee rest.  I've got a massage booked for 10:25 in the office.  We have a service once a week that costs about £9 for 25 mins massage which is amazing, I've been working my back alot recently in the gym so like to try to loosen off those pesky muscles. 

I've got a PT session on Sat morning which I'm looking forward to, although I feel a cold coming on but I'm going to battle it with Vit C and some of the Goji  berries to see if that helps.

On another matter... one of my fellow trekkers, Barry, received a very generous donation for our Kilimanjaro climb.  £300 cheque for our charity of choice which was just amazing.  For those of you who'd like to help us raise the £10,000 please go to our fundraising site  and make your pledge.  For any donantions received I'm promising copies of the crazy/ funny photos that are unlikely to make my blog/facebook or twitter page.  It'll be worth it.  Also Richard has said he;ll wear a mankini if we reach the top AND raise £10,000

Kmac xxx

Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Exciting times

Date: 17 Feb 2010
Weather:  Crisp and bright, but right now its 4:40pm and getting dull outside... there is a lilac hue over the Castle here in Edinburgh
Shoes:  To walk to and from places = Uggs   In the office = Regular black patient Mary Janes.    A bit boring on the shoe front today.


The last couple of days have been possibly the best couple of days I've had in about EVER.  Ok well maybe recent ever, not ever ever but still you get the point!

I've had some amazing news - Kmac is moving house.

For those who don't know Kmac's living arrangement...  I live with my 2 great friends in a pretty flat in Edinburgh.  However recently our gorgeous flat has been getting expensive... and the final straw came when we discovered another flat in our courtyard being rented for nearly £300 cheaper. 

So, unless we were renting from Robin Hood, which we arn't, we felt we were getting a bit of a tough time. 

A flat came up just down the road from where we are now, same size but my bedroom would be up a wee staircase so I have lots of privacy and it feels like a treehouse because its all hardwood floors, which is cheaper by miles.   My roomies saw it yesterday and fell in love with it... so I contacted the agent to make an appointment...

1:30 today I walked into my own personal Disney-esque flat.  By 3:30pm the Disney Tree House flat is ours!!

The new flat is also closer to the HUGE park in Edinburgh so no excuses for me not to get out and run.  Its got free parking for the Kmac mobile and its just gorgeous. 

We'll be moving in a couple of months but I wanted to keep you all posted with the good news!

I also have other news but I'll blog about that another time... but its just as great news.   Kmac is having such a good time at the moment.

On a training front I've managed to complete 20k run (in total) since Monday and did my upper body resistance programme today (Andy would be pleased). 

Still struggling to do my lat raises with the 4k dumbells and not 3k but I'll get them one day I'm sure!

Kmac xx

Monday, 15 February 2010

Monday Monday

Date:  15 Feb 2010
Weather:  Bright and cold - but a very pretty day in Edinburgh
Shoes:  My favourite black Nine West peep toe courts with 3ins heel.   Gorgeous I tell ya!

Morning blog world!

I hope you've had a lovely weekend and no matter where you are, what you were doing, Valentines day treated you well.  In the words of my beautiful friend and flatmate, even if you are single on Valentines day you are not alone - 3 steps behind you is your angel.

My weekend was really really good, although very bad on the excercise front.  Recently I've found that I've been so busy with various other things that I've not been able to get as much training in as I'd have hoped.    But I guess life has to take over sometime, but ultimately I am in control of my time and I have to prioritise!

Friday night was a bit of a late one, we had a leaving party at work so I went along for that and ended up getting in at about 2am.  A great night was had by all and I was a little bit bleary eyed on Saturday morning but I got up and discovered something dreadful......

My laptop had a virus!!!!!  Now being as daft as I am, I dont have the first clue about how to fix this type of issue... so I went through to see if anyone was in the house... Ewan was!!  Ewan is very level headed and knows things and is a very claming influence on my life, and in this time of need he was there with his MAC Book Pro to help fix wee Lappy.  Turns out she had Security Tool which is a bugger of a virus that pretends to be a virus scanner, it "scans" and tells you that you have some virus' etc.   But you don't..... and it just starts to eat everything in the laptop (ok maybe not eat.. but its the best way to describe it).

So Ewan managed to fix that for me.  HUGE hugs and thanks to Ewan for that!

That was the eventuful Sat morning, Sat avo I was lunching at Nandos and watching Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief which was a great film with great company :o)

Quiet Saturday night lead to a monster rehearsal on Sunday through in Dunfermline and this week it was all about the Overture (recap on what we did to slot some more people/new cast members in) and also Hosanna.   So far so good, although the venue was super dusy... but I guess Jerusalem would have been a bit dusty so we are just getting in the mood of the day!   I need to source some gladiator style sandels... so give me a shout if you know where to find them?!

And then its all back to Monday.   I got up this morning and headed to the gym, being a regular morning person you tend to see the same faces so a morning is quite nice.  A wee hello to the other people you recognise and jump on the treadmill.  Ran 3k in about 22mins then start to get a bit bored so thought I'd nip up to the spin studio as a class was starting at 7am.

As I headed up the stairs I bumped into Andy (my PT), turns out hes taking spin which means its going to hurt!!  But it was what I needed.   Kicked me into touch and a grand way to start the week.

This week is crazy busy, but my mornings are all being handed over to the gym.   I've got a hospital appointment this avo and if all goes well I'll be back on top form in no time.

Its also only 213 days until Kilimanjaro!    Please please please show your support and sponsor me.  All money goes to CCLASP which is a beautiful charity based in Edinburgh.  I'll be doing a wee post on CCLASP very soon, but in the meantime if you head over to Fudgey's blog you'll be able to read her post on CCLASP.  Fudgey and I work together, train together and generally have a riot together and this year we are both doing events that challenge us physically and mentally to raise money for CCLASP. 

To sponsor me all you have to do is click HERE!!!!! and follow the instructions.  I'm trying to raise £10k so need all the help and support we can get!

Have a lovely day everyone

Kmac xx

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Another crazy challenge

Date:  9th Feb 2010
Weather:  Bright, cold but grey skys.  My view to Edinburgh castle is stunning today though with the dramatic sky.
Shoes:  Grey Carvella patents with 3ins heel and ribbon tie.   Delish.

Morning blog world!!  Hope you've all had a wonderful evening and ready to face Tuesday with a clear head and big smile.

I can't believe that I've not blogged about these 2 things before now.... again, naughty naughty Kmac.   I've set myself 2 more personal fitness challenges spanning 2010 and into 2011.   This is because this year I have Kilimanjaro, and I'm really enjoying the focus its giving me to push myself and also the challenge its providing.

So.... my first challenge...    RUN TO FRANCE!   Those of you who know me will be aware that I volunteer at Radio Lollipop on a Monday evening, well as this is a charity we need to raise money and our management team came up with an idea to run the distance between Edinburgh and Paris between the Scotland - France rugby match (which was Sunday 7th Feb) and ending on the day of the France - Scotland game (sometime in Feb 2011 in Paris).   

This is giving the team of runners just under 365 days to run over 1100km.    We have a website Run To France  and we are tracking our miles using Nike +.   I'll keep you posted on how many km I've done every now and again.  So far I've clocked up just over 20km in 2 days, with another 12km to add on so off to a decent enough start.

And my 2nd challenge will start and end in 2011, but the training will need to start this year (but the Kili training should help).   Disney Princess 1/2 Marathon!!    Assuming my favourite theme park is still holding the event in 2011 (registration hasn't opened yet, 2010 is still to be run) then I'm going to be there.   

Its a womans only 1/2 that runs around the Magic Kingdom - through Cinderella's castle!!  And I'm going to try to get a group of girls together to run it with me.  I'll still do it alone, but I think crossing the line will be so special that I'd love to run with friends.   So girlies - if you fancy it... let me know!! 

And thats my wee update on what the future holds for Kmac post Kilimanjaro.  Still running, still training and most certainly still challenging myself!!

Righty to work I go....

Kmac xxx

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Vacation Kmac

Happy Saturday everyone.   Sorry I've been a bad blogger this week and not updated once *smacks wrist*... its been a busy few days so I'll give you all a wee update..!

Sat 30th Jan - Dads birthday

My wee sis and I headed into the wild Borders of Scotland to meet my dad (who was down staying with our Aunt and Uncle ) for his birthday.  We went to a fantastic wee place called The Howgate for dinner and this is what I managed to practically inhale..

Haggis Balls with a wee side salad.  This was my aunts starter, but just how yummy does that look?? 

This was may starter  - Pigeon salad!

This was just as aamzing as it looks... far too much though, but I was starving to ate all of it..

Onto the main course...

This was duck on spinich and wilted greens with the most creamy mashed potato EVER!

So you can see it certainly wasnt a meal that I wasn't concious of the sheer amount of calories I was consuming, but I dont mind.  Its important to be able to enjoy yourself while keeping a close eye on your diet and fitness. 

Katie stayed with me for a couple more days, joined me at the gym for a training session on Monday.  I was seeing Andy while she was just having a wee run.  But afterwards she commented about how I was doing "Man pressups" (full press ups!) and how Andy was keeping me motivated.  Shes had a bit of an interesting time with her PT recently and I think she wants to get back into the training routine.  Although, shes far fitter than me anyway so she knows what she is doing when she hits the gym!!

We had our first Wednesday night music call for Jesus Christ Superstar, got the rehearsal cal schedule through as well so my diary is filing up well.  

I love looking at busy diary!!

Ok this has turned into a HUGE post ( I've had to stop for a cup of tea while I was typing it) and "So you think you can dance" has just started, being the dance geek I am I'm going to settle down and watch it!  Go Alister!

Kmac xx