Monday, 12 April 2010

158 days to go....

Date: 12 April 2010
Weather: SUN SUN SUN
Footwear:  Black ballet pumps

Well its 158 days until we depart on the trek to Kilimanjaro and I'm starting to get scared, excited, worried and anxious.   The enormity of the task ahead has finally hit me, the training, the altitude, the distance from home and the very real chance that I *might* not make it to the top.

Some quick fire facts about Kilimanjaro for you all...

  • Kilimanjaro sits 19,340m above sea level - Ben Nevis is 1,343m above sea level.
  • Kilmanjaro is the worlds largest freestanding mountain.
  • Its lost nearly 83% of its ice caps since 1912
  • In the year 2000 over 1000 reached the summit to watch the sunrise into the new Millenium.
Some quick fire facts about me...
  • I've never been more than 251m above sea level before
  • I only recently found out that I'm not infact Amphibious, I am actually Ambidexterous...
  • I can't read maps and don't understand why a compass moves ALL THE TIME!
  • I brought in the new Millenium on my backside because I'd slipped on the dance floor in the club that I was in.
So you can see there are some pretty huge challenges for me to face. 

I have my boots (yucky brown colour... but apparently Hiking doesn't DO chic), I have my gators, I know where Kilimanjaro is so I'm part way there...

I heard that bugs arn't so much of an issue the higher you go because they are all DEAD thanks to the altitude (always comforting...) and I've read a number of travel blogs that decribe the lovely effects of AMS (Acute Mountain Sickness) and the 5 star toilet facilities.

And yet I'm excited.  Yes - I have been called insane recently.

I'm not the worlds most confident person and I have self-esteem that, at times, is so low its below sea level and my recent party trick is to perform a panic attack when in the company of strangers or in stressful situations (Never underestimate the impact years of being told you're not good enough).  Kilimanjaro will be a massive achievement for me physically and mentally and I'm going to do it.  I'm doing it for me and for my charity.  Nobody else. 

But I know that I'll have people rooting for me and waiting for me to get back.  The support you are giving me is pushing me forward, I don't want to let you down!!

I'm climbing Kilimanjaro for CCLASP, an Edinburgh based charity that helps children and adolescents suffering from cancer and leukaemia & provides advice & support for parents. 

I've volunteered for CCLASP for around 2 years, ever since I moved to Edinburgh and its been so much fun.  Christmas parties, Summer picnics, X Factor trips, Stacey Stroll's, Ladies Day at the Races to name but a few events I've helped at.  But CCLASP also provide transport to and from hospital appointments, running a drop in centre, run a telephone helpline, arrange holidays, fundraisers, newsletters and the weekly clown entertainment on a Wednesday (theatre day) for those in hospital.

Please please please dig deep and donate to this wonderful and monumental charity through my justgiving site JUSTGIVING

I (and the rest of the Kili team) want to raise over £10,000 for them to help them continue the amazing work they currently do.

Kmac xxxx

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