Thursday, 1 April 2010

April Fool!!

Date: 1st April 2010
Weather:  Crisp and cool outside (and inside)
Shoes: Black knee highs

Morning all.  Have you been fooled yet?  I've not had anything yet, but I suspect that at some point during the morning I'll get pranked!!

Its been a busy few days in Kmac land, the house move is tomorrow so I've been getting ready for that along with my 2 housemates. 

I've been getting lots of training in, and I asked for an extra PT sesison just to really give me a jolt back into hardcore training because although I'd been doing my CV I've been a little lacking on the resistance work.   So Friday saw me on the Olympic bar, bench pressing and cable pulling.  Sat saw the DOMs hit my shoulders big style, and I was at Jesus Christ rehearsals all day!!

Sat night was lovely and relaxed, had some dinner and a couple of glasses of wine... and Sunday morning I was back at JCS rehearsals.   The show opens in 28 days!!  Not long left now.

I think I did some damage to my groin the other week with my monster runs, so I  decided that on Monday am, which is usually CV day, to continue my CV but use the X-trainer.

The X-trainer and I dont really get along.  I find it a boring bit of gym equipment so tend to steer clear of it in favour of the treadmill or free weights area.  But Monday morning came along and I had to face the fear. I had to do 30 mins on the Xtrainer.... I swear it was the longest 30mins of my life!!

Had another PT session on Tuesday which was hard work, swiss ball press ups on the powerplate, assisted chin dips, weighted squats on the bosu ball  and some woodchops were the stars of the show.  Wednesday (yesterday)  wasnt so bad on the old DOMs front, I could feel that I'd worked but I wasnt walking like the tin man or anything.

Hope all is well with everyone.

Till next time (and from the new flat..!)


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