Tuesday, 20 April 2010

I survived!

Morning blog world!

I'm back and fiting fit (ish) after my weekend full of hen party fun, singing, dancing, hot tubing and then rehearsals on Sunday.  I totally lost my voice on Sunday night and just getting it back now but a small price to pay for what was a wonderful weekend!

As promised, I manged to sneek in 2 cheeky runs while I was away.  My run on Friday morning was glorious, it was a lovely day in Edinburgh and I decided to step up to my fear of running outside and I took to the pavements for a quick 40mins around HolyRood park.

Saturday morning around the lake and golf club at the lodge resort we were at for the hen weekend provided the location for the run.  A lovely 30 mins around the lake (avoiding the angry swans and ducks that chased you) and up over the hill back to the log cabin.

I spent the weekend with some of my closest friends and one of the biggest moments for me was when one of them commented on how good I looked.  She hadnt seen me since Oct/Nov last year and said she saw a difference in me and thought I looked great!  Its always nice to hear things like that about you, but when you know the person really really means it its even better :o).

I wont go into the full hen weekend goings on (mainly because the walls have ears) but what I will tell you is that bubbly, hot tubs and WII Kareoke mix really really well and a lime and ginger salt exfoliation with a massage the next day is a fantastic hangover cure.   We had a good selection of food for both nights, we brought our own so lots of healthy options like vegetable sticks and corn on the cob and salads, however I think my attraction to Sailor Jerry rum undid all my good work.   Never mind, your best friend only gets married once right!

Hit the gym yesterday morning, not feeling 100% I decided to work on my upper body but soon realised that even that was too much, so I hopped onto the X trainer for 20 mins of moderate excercise on that.  Better than nothing I figure!! 

Today I'm resting, back to the gym tomorrow for a long run.  I'm planning to reach 9k or even go the full 10k depending on time.  Its 2 weeks until the Bupa 10k in Edinburgh and I'm getting nervous that I've never ran that distance before and I'm starting to feel me put pressure on myself to get a good time.  I need to keep reminding myself that this is a training run for Kilimanjaro and that times don't matter.  But if I take longer than 75mins to do it I'll be gutted. 

Hope the volcanic ash isn't disrupting too many of you - my thoughts go out to all the families spread out all ove rhte world unable to get back to their home.  The sheer power of nature is eye opening.

Kmac xx

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  1. I have a feeling that you'll do fab on race day.

    I also read somewhere that as long as you can run 8km in the weeks running up to a 10k then you will be able to go the distance & that for a half marathon if you can run 11 miles you'll be ok on the day.

    Fudge x